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Accord Management Ltd. was formed in 1985 when the founder, Adam Slee, began specialising in the design and construction of solid waste management processing plant and structures.

The first ventures were in collaboration with IBEX SA of Switzerland, Zoeller Waste of Germany, and Durtnells, the oldest construction company in UK. The projects entailed the planning and construction of a civic amenity facility, the reprocessing of plastics into an additive for road surfacing, and the modernisation of fleets of refuse trucks in UK with computer controlled automatic lifters.

Accord Management is therefore based on a foundation of experience in practical solid waste management facilities. The company has been strengthened through involvement with other consultants forming a specialised professional team having requisite the experience and expertise to provide comprehensive services in the field of Solid Waste Management.

The individuals with skills and knowledge have in depth knowledge of:
  • Designing and Managing Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems;
  • Developing Comprehensive SWM Masterplans;
  • Designing and Managing PPP in SWM;
  • Designing and Implementing Waste Collection and Transportation Systems;
  • Designing, Constructing and Managing Waste Transfer Systems;
  • Designing, Constructing and Managing all types of Landfills;
  • Detecting and Diagnosing Landfill Fires;
  • Designing, Constructing and Managing Hazardous Waste Facilities;
  • Designing, Constructing and Managing Medical Waste Facilities;
  • Managing C&D (Construction and Demolition) Wastes;
  • Designing and Constructing Incineration plants;
  • Designing, Constructing and Managing Compost Plants;
  • Designing, Constructing and Managing Leachate Treatment Plants;
  • Managing Waste Tyre Storage and Deposits;
  • Scientific Closure of Dumping Grounds;
  • Remediation of Existing Waste Transfer & Disposal Facilities;
  • Designing and Constructing Civic Amenity Facilities;
  • Landfill Fire Treatment;
  • Fire Avoidance Design;
  • FIDIC Contracts;
  • Developing Landfill and Waste Storage Licence Conditions;
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) - Arbitration and Adjudication;
  • Risk Assessment;
  • Forensic Investigations; and
  • Acting as Expert Witness.

In the last two decades, Accord Management has been working with institutions and companies such as ERM of UK and Mott MacDonald of UK for the World Bank; Louis Berger of USA for UNDP; Globex of USA for Abu Dhabi Municipality, Ramboll of Denmark for DANIDA, GPEC of Canada in Oman and the Caribbean, etc.

The Accord Management Team has contributed significantly to waste management systems in Abu Dhabi, Bangladesh, China, Eastern Europe, India, Nigeria, Oman, Philippines, Romania, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, West Indies, Zambia and others.

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