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We provide waste management services through the expertise of a group of independent project managers, engineers and environmentalists. Waste management has become a complex business covering many different engineering, environmental, economical, sociological, chemical and bio-chemical fields. When advising a municipality or government authority on waste management matters a group of specialists will normally be required. We strive to provide the necessary expertise by assembling such a team of experts backed up by local knowledge, local engineers and sociologists.

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Accord specialises in designing and developing waste collection systems and works with private sector or public collection agencies to plan optimal routing, vehicles and equipment for the collection crews. Accord typically assists the local authority and waste collection companies to develop bylaws, contracts with performance specifications and standards to measure and monitor the quality of works. Accord team members will assist in planning new collection routes and increasing the efficiency of the existing collection and transportation routes with the aim to minimise costs and provide greater value for the community. Accord believes that understanding the local social structure is an essential pre-requisite to planning, and local stakeholders and communities have to be involved throughout the planning process if the collection and transportation operations are to be sustainable.

Accord specialises in the design and operation of civic amenity sites, such as Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs) with the aim to minimise the quantity of wastes that require to be landfilled and, wherever possible and feasible, to recover value from the waste. Accord team members have experience in the design, layout and operations of such facilities in Europe, USA, the Middle East and Asia. By carrying out detailed composition analysis of the generated waste, Accord offers to advise municipal authorities on the practical and cost-effective aspects of waste recycling in both short and long term.

Accord specialises in developing cost-effective waste transfer solutions that allow for fast, clean and efficient bulk transfer of wastes at the lowest possible costs. Potential systems include conventional road based bulk carriers, container systems and modes utilising rail and barge systems. Accord makes detailed studies of the transfer requirements and takes into account future growth. All options are analysed and compared before selection by the client of the most efficient and appropriate transfer system. Accord team members will typically design the system, develop performance specifications, prepare contracts, interact with other agencies and oversee the implementation of a system that caters specifically to the needs of the community.

In spite of landfill taxes and worldwide demand for reduction in landfill as a disposal technology, there continues to be a demand for environmentally safe engineered landfills. Accord specialises in designing and developing waste disposal options for local authorities and private waste management companies. Accord’s services include carrying out feasibility studies, including site selection exercises for potential landfill locations, geotechnical field investigations, developing conceptual designs, carrying out environmental impact assessments and, based on all the above, developing the final design for the landfill facilities. Accord team members have expertise in all these areas, and have carried out design and construction of numerous landfills and have developed the operations plans to ensure operation of the landfills in an environmentally acceptable manner. Accord takes into account the requirement of the client in designing the facility and works with the stakeholders on the operations management, the after-care and the planned future use of the site after closure.

Accord believes that minimising the quantity of waste to be landfilled is a key factor for an efficient waste management system. Reducing the impact on the environment through waste reduction must be the guiding policy to all waste management planning. Accord assists and advises local authorities, and works with the local communities to develop systems and methodologies that promote waste avoidance and waste minimisation. Based on the waste quantities and effectiveness of the waste minimisation measures, solutions for waste recycling, composting and bio-processing of organic wastes, production of waste derived fuels, incineration, energy from waste, and residual waste disposal systems are developed.

Accord specialises in planning and developing hazardous waste legislation and treatment methods for governments, industrial cities and local authorities. Accord offers to develop hazardous waste management strategies for clients taking into account the waste generation rates, requirements for treatment and disposal, current and proposed legislation, feasibility of generator charges, involvement of private sector agencies, etc. Accord is alert to innovative technologies. Accord assists in all aspects of hazardous waste management, including identification, storage, treatment, and disposal and monitoring. Hazardous wastes occur frequently in household wastes as well as industrial wastes. Only by careful study of the characteristics of the combined hazardous waste streams in the domestic and industrial areas can a cost-effective management system be devised and a scale of payments for the necessary treatment and storage systems be calculated. Accord works with clients to minimise the hazardous waste quantity and design waste treatment techniques to change the physical, chemical, or biological character of the waste, so that the volume and toxicity of the hazardous waste can be reduced and safely disposed without detriment to the environment.

Accord team members have been closely involved in all aspects of medical waste treatment and disposal systems, and have experience in incineration, physical and chemical treatments. As for hazardous wastes above, Accord offers to work with clients to develop and implement bio-medical waste legislation and treatment technologies. Accord specialises in segregating medical waste from the domestic waste in hospitals and clinics, identifying the storage, transportation and hospital staff training methods for the current and forecasted quantities of hospital and clinical wastes. All applicable (tried and tested technologies) and affordable options are considered with the client and stakeholders. Accord offers to design and manage the construction of suitable treatment facilities.

Accord specialises in designing leachate treatment systems catering to the specific needs of the landfill or waste treatment facility, and taking into account the local conditions. Accord studies the potential leachate quality and evaluates possible treatment and disposal alternatives, then selects and designs as necessary the treatment process that will achieve the desired performance in a reliable, cost-effective way.

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